Imagine, YOU at your healthiest weight without dieting or taking appetite suppressants or counting calories…finally totally free of worry around food and your body forever…

Award winning Author / Speaker / Eating Psychology Expert, Lily Hills


How to Lose Weight, Without Dieting, Drugs or Deprivation ~
The Natural, Permanent and Pleasurable Way…

“If you’ve been trying to lose weight for years and haven’t been successful,

you have simply not had access to the right healthy weight loss strategy…

or the 24 hour a day 7 day a week support system it takes to change your eating habits …

until NOW.”



From: Lily Hills - Carmel, CA

To: You, at Your Healthiest Weight and Happiest Self

Re: What the Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Tell us About Weight Loss….And what you NEED to know.

Have you tried every diet imaginable?

Feel like you’ve spent much of your life judging yourself and your body for not being able to lose weight?

Suffered through diet after diet, only to gain all the weight back? Dealing with health issues related to your weight?

Do you want more than almost ANYTHING else in the world to be living at your natural weight, free from the same old story about not being able to lose weight? Or keep it off?

Get ready… because I’m going to give you the keys to start losing weight today, without dieting, the healthy, permanent and pleasurable way.

If You’ve Been Using Diets to Lose Weight - Don’t Blame Yourself. Diets FAIL in 95-98% of All Cases. It’s NOT You. The studies show it’s the Diets that Don’t Work…

Are you ready to start losing weight today the natural, pleasurable and permanent way?

After fifteen years of compulsive overeating, I lost over 65 pounds and have kept if off for over 10 years.  I'll show you exactly how I did it!. Enter your email address below to get free instant access to three invaluable training videos on how to lose weight, permanently, without dieting or denying yourself your favorite foods! You’ve got nothing to lose but extra weight!


My name is Lily Hills and I’m a former chronic yo-yo dieter and compulsive overeater turned master healthy weight loss coach, Sparkpeople Health Radio Talk Show Host and the creator of the online
Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Homestudy Course

I’m also the author of the “Bible of Weight Loss” ~ The Body Love Manual, How to Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want,” called a “monumental work of importance to modern women everywhere.” (You know I loved that testimonial).


The Award Winning Book The Body Love Manual – By Elizabeth 'Lily' Hills
Winner USA Books News National Best Books Award in Health Diet and Weight Loss


I’m THRILLED you are visiting my site because the truth is, I am WILDLY passionate about supporting you and anyone whose path I cross, in learning the strategic and proven mental and physical practices that will support you in losing excess weight and getting into the very best shape of your life, NATURALLY.

Not just so that you can be at your healthiest, living in the body you most desire, feeling confident, light and energetic, but also so that you can be your happiest, living TOTALLY free from a compulsion around food and body judgment and experiencing joy every day of your life.

Because that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Unlike what you’ll hear through the dieting industry, you’re not going to lose weight permanently by dieting, taking appetite suppressants or by being mad at yourself for not being able to lose weight.

How do I know?

Because I spent close to fifteen years of my life using that ineffective method, trying every diet that crossed my desperate path…and it only led to additional weight gain and HUGE frustration.

I was a highly compulsive overeater, over 65 pounds heavier than I am today, and I lived with an eating disorder for about 15 years of my life.

The fact is, back then, I was completely powerless to stick to my panicked daily promise, to myself, that I was going to stick to my diet, that I was not going to overeat…or even worse, binge uncontrollably.

I gained and lost hundreds and hundreds of pounds over the years, feeling some version of bad, weak, insecure, frustrated or depressed just about every day.

Even though there were many things to love about my life (career I loved, great family, awesome friends), those were by far the hardest days of my life.

I wouldn’t wish them on anyone… 

But the truth is, two thirds of our country is already dealing with some version of my own painful story I’m sorry to say.

And because of the constant barrage of TV, radio and internet ads, most everyone in our country thinks dieting , appetite suppressants, extreme exercise or an entire lifestyle overhaul are the only ways to lose weight. Even though our own experience has made it totally obvious that those methods fail, we just can’t seem to believe there’s another way.

Do you sometimes find unable to prevent yourself from eating far more than you really want to? Far more than what you’re truly hungry for?

Do you overeat and then feeling some form of guilt or regret immediately afterwards and have to deal with the weight gain on top of it all?

The Fantastic News is…You Can Break Out of That Overeating Weight Gain Pattern Starting Today!

I’m incredibly grateful, beyond measure to say that I finally discovered the secrets! I cracked the code! I found the holy grail of natural, permanent and pleasurable weight loss strategies!

And it doesn’t involve diets, diet pills, counting calories, over exercising or deprivation.

How did I do this? There’s a story behind it…

Frankly, back in the days of my own weight struggles, I was totally desperate for answers around what was driving my urges to binge eat, and equally desperate to lose weight.

I just never stopped long enough to figure it out.

I just kept dieting, which meant suffering, and gaining the weight back after all my hard work.

Until the day I hit rock bottom.

Stuffed to capacity after an especially big binge, and totally depressed with my life, I finally said, that’s enough!

I’m not doing this anymore…

I’m going to get OVER overeating once and for all so I don’t have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I’m going to make this my top priority and figure out what the secret is. 

That was the key! In that moment, I committed to my health on an entirely new level. The highest level I had ever done by FAR.

And so I began! I basically made myself the subject in a research project to help myself find the most pleasurable, simple and healthy approach to permanent weight loss, without dieting.

I couldn’t stick to a diet, I knew from experience, so I HAD to find an alternate path.

So I looked into everything I could…both the physical keys to losing weight and the mental keys…which are incredibly and equally important.

I studied with self-help guru’s…like Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra to find out more about what was truly eating me and how to manage the emotions that made me blow through a half gallon of ice cream or an entire pizza in one sitting.

I read countless books and attended innumerable classes and workshops, had a coach and met with dieticians and alternative medical practioners in addition to traditional western doctors.

I was passionate and single-minded and voracious in my research…and BOY did it pay off.

When all the results were in, I came to find three things that every one of us needs to know about permanent weight that very few people in the weight loss world were talking about, probably because it would put them out of business.

This is a big part of the reason losing weight has been so difficult and so confusing for all of us.

No one has told us the healthy and natural way to do it

In fact, we’ve all been lead astray by the dieting industry.

They didn’t tell us that there was another route, a healthier and more effective one that doesn’t involve pre-prepared meals, denying ourselves our favorite foods or diet pills or starving ourselves.

After years of study, trials and tribulations, here’s what I found out…

The Three Keys to Natural, Permanent and Pleasurable Weight Loss You Need to Know:

My number ONE finding is… 

That my body, the one I had judged soooo harshly for sooo long, was my greatest ally and asset in supporting me in reaching my natural weight! I was too busy judging it to understand its role in permanent weight loss.

I finally understood that if I learned to listen to my body rather than ignore its strong and obvious signals that it was already full and keep on eating right past them, I would not only stop gaining weight, but start losing it.

My Body, your body, is EXACTLY what you need to connect with, as you learn to make the distinction between your PHYSICAL cues to eat rather than eating in response to EMOTIONAL cues like boredom, frustration, worry, insecurity or stress or even out of habit.

Your body, when you learnt to decipher its language and respond to its cues, is EXACTLY what is going to get you to your natural weight starting today, directly and efficiently.

Learning how to listen to my BODY instead of my MIND…which ALWAYS told me food was going to make me feel better, was key #1.

At one point in your life, you probably did this naturally.

Maybe it was when you were a child or even baby where you pushed the milk bottle away when you had enough to eat rather than continuing to guzzle it down.

Getting back to body connected eating is EXACTLY what allows you to lose weight.

If you eat in sync with your body…then you can eat the foods you LOVE and still lose weight just like I did.

I still eat all my favorite foods, pepperoni pizza, fettuccini alfredo, breads, Apple Pie, pink and white animal cookies, mint chip ice cream and yogurt covered raisins, but now I know the strategies and tools to eat them in balance rather than binging on them.

That is KEY to permanent weight loss…

The second KEY I discovered is That you can’t Master your Weight until you Master your Mind.

This key is HUGE… 

Until you learn how to control the thoughts, worries, fears, insecurities, judgments, or habits that make you reach for food you are not truly physically hungry for, food will be your main way of comforting yourself or distracting yourself

The truth is, we already know it’s not just about the food, something else is driving your appetites if you are eating until you are overly full or even binge on a regular basis.

Learning how quiet and master that worry producing thoughts puts you in a centered, rational and strong emotional state where you don’t need food to make you feel better.

You become the master of your mind, your thoughts, rather than allowing them to dictate your stress levels and drive you to overeating.

These two findings, listening to my body and mastering my mind are exactly how I overcame my food compulsion, lost over 60 pounds without dieting or denying myself my favorite foods (one of the best parts of this program!) and kept it off for almost 18 years now. Yahoooo! 

I am now living at my healthiest and most natural weight completely free of my former compulsion around food, which frankly, looking back, feels like a TRIPLE miracle.

20 years ago I never would have dreamed this was possible…

Moving on to the third key to releasing weight permanently and naturally…

The Final Insight I gleaned on this research project to finding out how to get to my healthiest weight was just as important as the first two.

And it’s this…

The Third Insight is…

Trying to change your relationship with food and your body without consistent steady support is OVERWHELMINGLY difficult. Challenging beyond belief.

Simply put, overcoming your current eating patterns is 1000 times harder to accomplish on your own.

You know those television programs that say “Don’t try this at home,” Well what I learned was, when it comes to overcoming overeating… DO NOT TRY TO DO IT ALONE.

I CANNOT stress this strongly enough! You probably already know this if you’ve been dealing with food and weight issues for years.

Had I sought consistent support much earlier, I could have saved myself at least a decade of misery. The old ways of eating and relating to food are just waaaaaaay too challenging to overcome without consistent support …and the more of it the better. You can’t have too much in fact

So be careful NOT to listen to the voice in your head that says you can do it alone if you’ve been trying that route for years with no success. THAT VOICE IS FLAT OUT WRONG.

Partnership, teamwork is CRUCIAL to success in any successful endeavor…and your weight loss goal is no exception. Flying solo in this case is not the best way to roll…especially if you haven’t been able to do it on your own so far.

Mastery of anything, including your weight, only comes with guidance, and constant and consistent support…

It’s just a fact, especially when overcoming old engrained eating habits and establishing new and improved ones.

That’s exactly why I created the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Online Audio Course…because you want not just the keys to permanent weight loss and mind mastery, but you also want access to a partner, a coach and a cheerleader 24 hours a day and seven days a week at the early stages of your making the change to healthier more balanced and moderate eating.

I’ve designed this Weight Mastery program to be the ultimate support tool.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced, guaranteed.

Unlike a therapist, weight coach or personal trainer where you usually only see them for an hour once or twice a week, or sometimes less, often dragging your weight loss out over years if not decades…through this program, you’ll have all the support you need every single day for an ENTIRE YEAR.

Once a week training, coaching or therapy, to change an old habit around something you do every day is just not nearly enough.

I know from my own years of therapy and coaching, which I value highly to this day. They were a big part of me moving beyond overeating.

But it’s the consistent access to and review of the information I’ll be sharing with you that makes all the difference…the deep dive into the program and your weight loss rather than dabbling in it.

I’ve made accessing the program incredibly simple, all you have to do is turn on your computer and login to the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight site and you have instant access.

Through this one of a kind natural eating program, you’ll also have all the tools you need on a daily basis to transcend that urge to eat when you are not hungry

My clients say to me all the time,

“Lily, I wish you could be with me every day until I get good at making the shift away from compulsive eating.” If I had you with me, had your voice to calm me, I know I could get there more easily and faster!”

Now they can…and you can too. Through this life changing online audio course.

You don’t have to do this alone. Through this program, you’ll have guidance, motivation and inspiration at your fingertips, ON DEMAND ~ without walking out your front door. 

How convenient is that!

Finishing this mind and body mastery weight loss program was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. It took me close to 7 years to lay out the program in its entirety because I wanted it to be the best course I could possibly make it.

And it is even more powerful than I ever imagined.

Through this program, I wanted to give to others what I most needed when I was at my most desperate around my weight…

I wanted someone to tell me exactly how to lose weight without dieting.

I wanted to learn a healthy and natural approach to weight loss that I could easily live with and love for a lifetime

And I wanted to have BIG TIME support any time I had that desire to eat food I wasn’t really hungry for.

Basically, I wanted a teammate I could count on constantly to help me any time, day or night. Even if it was 1:00 in the morning and I was feeling lonely and tempted to break out the cookies…or even in the middle of the afternoon when I was bored and wanted to eat something to make me feel better or to pick me up.

My Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Online Program was designed for that purpose…and much more.

It’s a private home study audio course that you can access for an entire year, giving you more than enough time to absorb the information and make the shift from compulsive eating to body connected eating…where you consistently and gradually melt down to your healthiest weight.

It’s 11 Training Courses, an online community, and access to my guidance weekly to help you stay on track ~ in addition to a number of other surprise goodies that I introduce throughout the year that you’ll learn about later.

Including interviews you can access through the site with some of the top health, weight loss experts and trainers in the world.

I’ve never seen ANYTHING like this program available anywhere, which is why I dug in and created it myself.

It’s truly the missing link for those that have been dealing with excess weight for years.

In this Revolutionary and Effective Weight Loss Program You’ll Learn:

Exactly why Diets Do Not Work and how they actually lower your metabolism, create weight gain and trigger an unnatural obsession with food

heart The 10 keys to Eating in Alliance with your body for pleasurable and permanent weight loss

heart Why it’s not as important WHAT you eat as it is WHEN you eat and HOW MUCH you eat

heart How to eat your favorite foods in moderation and still lose weight

heart Proven and immediate techniques for transcending the urge to eat when you are not hungry

heart The most effective metabolism boosting techniques EVER (this one will blow your mind) to help your metabolism recover from years of dieting

heart How to evict the mean roommate in your head so you can live free of the stresses that accompany being your own harshest critic

heart Why disliking your body and judging yourself makes you more likely to gain weight.

heart What is at the root of your emotional appetites so you can dig it up and be free of them FOREVER

heart A morning program SPECIFICIALLY DESIGNED to set you up for success in moderate eating for the rest of the day

heart How to use your body to help you change your mind and moods (the ones that make you stress eat)

heart How to stop judging your body and learn to value it and yourself on higher levels which is key to not just losing weight, but being happy in all areas of your life.

heart The proven Mind Mastery Practices to reduce or eliminate the optional stress you are experiencing

heart What’s been driving the urges to eat when you are not truly hungry

heart The sleep patterns that help your body release excess weight naturally

I am a living testament to the effectiveness of this program, which is why I think it is INCREDIBLE, but you don’t have to take my word for it….

Lily’s healthy and non-diet approach to weight loss has completely changed my relationship with my body and myself…I wish I had it 20 years ago, but I’m grateful to have it now!
- Kristen DeKam – Darnestown, MD
The information, skills and tools I'm learning from Lily Hills are positively impacting other aspects of my life. I'm healthier, I'm happier and it just keeps on getting better every day. It has been worth every penny and every moment I've spent because these investments are applied to me and my life.
- Kimb Massey, PhD, Carmel Valley, CA

I wish everyone one could have the opportunity to have Lily as a life coach. 
It is a life changing experience. Lily is truly a gift to experience.
- Valerie Schlothauer, Salinas CA

I have read many self help books and attended many workshops; looking for the secret of joy and happiness, then Elizabeth "Lily" Hills and The Body Love Manual came into my life.  My life has wonderfully realized significant and remarkable changes. I NEVER thought about listening to my body.  I never realized how my life and my thoughts needed to shift dramatically for me to be happy, and that I have full control over that ability. I will forever be grateful to Lily Hills
- Kathleen Farrell, Monterey CA
I initially took Lily’s program for weight loss and to my surprise it has given me so much more.  I am truly much more patient and loving with myself which in turn the weight is starting to come off. My outlook on food is so much more enjoyable! Thank-you Lily you truly have given me the gift of freedom....
- Laurie Parher, Seaside, CA

Here’s why the online home study program is so INSANELY cool and so different from traditional forms of weight management.

Check MarkYou’ll get top tier training from me the privacy of your home at your convenience. 

Check MarkIt’s accessible any time – twenty four hours a day seven days a week for an entire year, any time you want support.

Check MarkYou can learn and practice the new skills at your own pace without comparing yourself to other program participants

Check MarkYou can return to the program any time you are struggling throughout the year for a refresher course to get you right back on track

Check MarkYou can repeat the lessons you have the biggest challenges with as many times as you need to

Check MarkYou’ll never be late to a therapy, coaching or training session, your classes are on demand 

Check MarkYou get cozy in your bed or on your couch and relax as you learn in the privacy of your own home without having to get dressed for coaching or counseling

Check Mark You can fit your program around your unique lifestyle and review the course when your children or spouse are already in bed when you want a little privacy

Check MarkYou won’t have to travel to get your pep talk, education or guidance, it’s already there for you at your fingertips

Check Mark You can fit it in before or after work or on weekends when often coaches and counselors are not usually available

Check MarkYou can have all of your individual questions answered, by me, in the answer forum on the program site

Check MarkYou can connect with other program members for support, guidance, inspiration, friendship and fun.

Check MarkUnlike traditional counseling, where you pay every single week for guidance and therapy, you pay a ONE TIME FEE for this course and you can listen to it as often as you like, even 7 days a week without it costing a cent more.

Check MarkYou can start your morning listening to the program, giving you a plan of action to eat foods you love, moderately rather than compulsively

Check MarkYou can share the program FREE of charge with anyone in your home that is also struggling with their weight. Your spouse, children, parent, sibling or roommate. In fact I recommend YOU TEAM UP AND TAKE THE COURSE TOGETHER. It will be even more valuable that way. Or even split the cost between your housemates to make it more affordable. (Note: I only allow this option for people living in the same house)

Check MarkYou can be a role model for the rest of the family taking them to healthier and happier relationships with their own bodies and themselves.


Miss something important? Press the rewind button on the audio program and review.

Feel like you need to hear about a particular technique again...and again...and again? Repeat the above instructions.

It's TOTALLY up to you on how fast or slow you want to review the material.

Total immersion in this program is the fastest way to get you eating in moderation… and that’s where excess weight starts coming off.

You definitely want to make listening to this program a part of your daily routine in the beginning. Because if you learn the tools now and practice them daily…that’s where you will be most likely to see immediate results in terms of weight loss.

With all due humility  and more than a touch of pride, this program is in my mind and heart PRICELESS because it offers the information that has put me where I am today.

I’m 48 years old (and proud of it) , in the best shape of my life, manifesting my greatest dreams (including my Sparkpeople radio show that I co-host with my best friend since High School) and I’m happier than ever before.

And today, I’m offering the ENTIRE Weight Mastery Program to you today at a FRACTION of its true value.

Have you already been working with a counselor, therapist or coach for years, spending thousands and thousands of dollars annually trying to get to the root of your emotional eating habits, and while moving forward and making progress, still struggling with your weight?

Do you feel like you’d need to see your counselor every day to make a change?

Have you invested in diet program after diet program, emptying your wallet with no results?

Have you invested in programs that cost a fortune and find yourself no closer to your goal weight?

Have you been spending money on diet pills and food plans that have never panned out?

Since the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar one, I’m guessing yes.


And keep this in mind too… At your natural weight, you’ll be more likely to stay healthy, and avoid a fortune in doctors bills that come from the health conditions that often accompany being over your natural weight.

Are your health problems in part related to your weight?

You’ll be spending a small sum today so you won’t have to spend a gigantic bill in the future, not only in terms of money, but in terms of your quality of life.

Equally important as your physical health, and financial well-being, is the emotional side…being happy every day and free from the worries around your weight and health.


Every single health expert I bring on my radio show on, the #1 Health Site in the country, is in agreement around the fact that it’s much easier to be happier when you are healthier and feeling in control of your food, your emotions…and your life.

And that’s what’s in store for you…

My one on one private coaching sessions are now $245.00 an hour and I can only take on so many clients because of my overloaded schedule.

If you and I were working together, in person or over the phone, you would be likely to want to work with me once or maybe twice a week for about three to six months before learning the basic program in its entirety and getting into the groove of eating in connection with your physical appetites rather than your emotional appetites.

That could be an investment (a wise one since it lasts a lifetime) of anywhere from six to ten thousand dollars…

However, the price of the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Online Program is an incredibly affordable $208.00 a month or $2,500.00 dollars TOTAL for access to the trainings for an entire year.

Given my hourly rate, this is a HUGE bargain.

However, I know that $208.00 a month is still a big financial commitment for many of us given the state of the economy and the unemployment figures.

I realize most of us are already stressed around our finances, (which is probably part of the reason why we’re eating more than we truly need or are hungry for).

But the bottom line is this:

I want this program to get in as many hands as possible, to help as many people as possible.

My life’s purpose is to help turn around the obesity epidemic, which is causing so much misery for so many people.

I know firsthand the suffering, confusion and misery that goes along with not being able to lose weight and judging yourself for it and I don’t want anyone to have to experience more unhappiness around their weight issues than they already have.

And I also want to honor the ENORMOUS value of what I’ve created over the last 7 years…that’s appropriate too.

So here’s what I decided:

For a limited time, just through January, I am making the program available to you for an entire year for just $82.50 a month. You can make a one-time payment of $990.00 or three installments of just $330.00.

Again, your monthly tuition will be just $82.50 a month for unlimited access to the program 24/7 for AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Do you know of any other programs out there that are accessible twenty-four hours a day? Or that are that inexpensive?

I did my best to be sure it was the most value possible for the most reasonable price. My intention is to OVER deliver to you in every way because I want you to tell everyone you know how fantastic the program is, to help me spread the word.

Fully Secured Ordering Options:

Twelve Easy Payments:

Three Easy Payments:

One Time Payment:

After January, the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Program will return to the $2500.00 price, which will STILL be a bargain at just $208.00 per month.

However, if you buy now, you will save.

And that’s not all ~

I’m also throwing in as a BONUS (because we ALL love bonuses) my Binge Transcending Audio Companion
(AKA the Overcoming Overeating Companion)

If you are like I was, when I was at the height of my compulsion around food, I wished more than anything in the world that I had someone at my side, constantly that could help me to overcome the urge to eat when I was not hungry.

A trusted companion and master coach who could “talk me down from the ledge” before I ate compulsively.

I needed someone to literally talk me out of eating more than I was really hungry for.

One of the biggest challenges in making the shift to Eating in Alliance with your body, eating in connection with your true physical appetites rather than your emotional appetites, is that the mind gets so loud in its demands for you to eat something IMMEDIATELY when you are stressed that you don’t even have time to question it.

There’s no one to talk you out of overeating…so, understandably, you give into the urges again and again.

I know the feeling…I did the exact same thing.

Other times your own voice of reason is so soft that you can’t hear it, but instead listen to the other voice in your head that gets you to reach for that package of Oreos or bag of Doritos as if on autopilot. And then that same voice gets mad at you for overeating. It’s a vicious cycle that can last a lifetime.

That’s where this unbelievably powerful Binge Transcending Audio Program comes in…

The way to break that cycle is to interrupt it with a voice of reason. This Binge Transcending Audio CD is that voice.

Again, I created for you what I wanted and needed when I was struggling the most.

This soothing, inspirational and powerful audio will be the supportive, friendly voice that will calm you so that you can center yourself and overcome the urge to binge eat entirely or even overeat at all.

With three different tracks, each providing unique approaches to relaxing you so you can move beyond overeating, this part of the program will be like a trusted friend that you can turn to twenty-four hours a day when you feel unable to resist the urge to eat compulsively on your own.

The Binge Transcending Program also includes a bonus track which will “keep you company” any time you choose to eat even if you are NOT hungry.

Why is this of value?

Because hearing my voice calmly guide you as you are eating the food you are not hungry for, when you are binge eating or simply overeating, will help to “wake you up” and get you to move away from your plate faster or before your binge gets out of control

You may start with the intention to eat an entire pizza or bag of cookies, but having my voice support you in slowing down and checking in with your body will help your OWN voice of reason start to chime in.

I will be there to remind you to eat slowly and consciously rather than wolf the food down fast, that way you’ll be more tuned into what your body is saying, rather than your mind.

I created this specific bonus track because I know that sometimes the urge to eat is too powerful to resist, but I also know that if you listen to the track, I can support you in minimizing the binge.

It will feel like you’re dining with the expert support of me, a coach and friend, right there in the room.

This bonus track will be enormously helpful in helping you to accessing that wise and rational part of your mind that will support you in putting the food away, just for the moment and waiting just until you are truly hungry to eat, which is natural eating.

You’ll soon learn how to do this on your own through the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Program, but I’ll be helping you in the early practice stages.

I’ll be the voice of reason until your own voice of reason kicks in…and reminds you to stop eating when you are satisfied rather than stuffed

This Bonus Binge Transcending Track may very well be your favorite part of the entire program and the greatest asset of all!

I can’t begin to tell you how calming and soothing Lily’s voice is to listen to. It has not only prevented me from binge eating…it has also helped me to stop eating even before I was stuffed and miserable. I use it constantly. This single CD to me is worth the price of the entire program.
- Helen Bishop ~ San Francisco, CA
"I have used a number of digital recordings to help with relaxation, meditation, and weight loss. Lily's CD is by far the most helpful.  It is like having a supportive friend at your side 24/7.  Her voice is soothing and supportive.  Lily has a way of talking me through those times when my emotions overwhelm me, and I find myself reaching for food without hunger. She brings me back to a place of strength and confidence in myself.  My difficult feelings melt away, and if they don't, I move on to the next track and tame those uncomfortable urges.  It is a perfect companion to learning to eat in alliance with my body." - Virginia Haberkamp, Salinas, CA
"I never knew how much I needed this Binge Transcending Program until I started using it. Lily's voice really is the ultimate powerful yet soothing voice I needed to get me started overcoming that urge to overeat.  I cannot recommend it with higher enthusiasm!"
- Kristen DeKam ~ Darnestown, MD

Are you worried about taking a risk on this? Investing in something you’re not sure will work for you?

I’m going to make this decision an easy one…because in the past, I too have been nervous about spending money on products I hadn’t tried before. I felt burnt from prior purchases, so I understand your concern totally.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

Your Comfort Zone - Where the Magic HappensI’m going to let you try this program risk free…and no I’m not kidding. 

If it does not completely blow you away and forever change your relationship with your body, food and yourself for the better, it has a 30-day money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose except for excess weight.

I wanted there to be absolutely no reason not to take action NOW, that’s how much I believe in the program.

If you are not 100% thrilled with your purchase…simply email me within 30 days and I’ll refund the entire amount, no questions asked.
It is a risk free choice for you. You can’t go wrong.

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I can ONLY do this because I know the value of this program is far and away beyond its current price and an investment that will be paying off for the rest of your life.

I know with every fibre of my being that you’re going to love it.

The program includes all the information and tools that took me from being a woman who struggled every single day with food, excess weight and self-judgment, who binged on a daily basis…who was often stressed and fearful and insecure to where I am today…

Loving my life, never worrying about food or my weight and living at energy levels that make every day easier and more fun. How blessed I feel.

I’m grateful every single day of my life to be free of the affliction of food compulsion, in fact, I’m surprised to say that it is even more valuable to me than my weight loss, and believe me, I LOVE living at my natural weight.

The same can and will be true for you if you learn to and practice listening to your body rather than ignoring it.

And I’ve spent most of my life learning exactly how to support you in learning how to do exactly that. It would be my honor to do so.

If you want a jumpstart your weight loss and you want the most natural, direct and effective approach to making the shift to your healthiest weight, and you want the highest level of support possible, this program is for you.

Invest in yourself today, risk free

Just click the buy now button below and you’ll gain access to the program. You’ll get an email that sends you a login name and password…and you can started right away.

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You Haven’t Reached Your Healthiest Weight Only Because You Didn’t Have the Right Map, The Right Directions and Top Tier Support…Until Now…

Remember, if you don’t LOVE the program, if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your investment back.

I wanted to give you every reason to start living the life of your dreams at the weight you know is natural for you.

And don’t forget, if you buy now, you’ll get the Binge Transcending Bonus FREE…a huge asset…for stepping up and making the choice to take better care of yourself and your body starting today.

And because I’m in the holiday spirit, I’m going to throw in one more bonus because I want you to have EVERY incentive to take action.

If you buy now, you’ll also get as a gift a PDF of my award winning book, The Body Love Manual, How to Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want ~ Winner of USA Book News National Best Book Award in Health, Diet and Weight Loss.

This book truly IS the bible of healthy, permanent and pleasurable weight loss, and part of the curriculum for the home study course…yours FREE if you buy now.

The Award Winning Book The Body Love Manual – By Elizabeth 'Lily' Hills
The Body Love Manual is Proud to be a
USA Book News Award Winner!


Here’s what others are saying about The Body Love Manual:

“By gently leading you beyond gain and loss to an awareness of your loving essence this book, The Body Love Manual, can change your life. I highly recommend it.
– Leonard Laskow, M.D., Author of Healing With Love.

Lily’s healthy and non-diet approach to weight loss in The Body Love Manual has completely changed my relationship with my body and myself…I wish I had it 20 years ago, but I’m grateful to have it now! I didn’t know moving to my healthiest weight could be this pleasurable!
- Kristen DeKam – Darnestown, MD

This is hands down the best weight loss book I have ever read…it is as though the author has written the book especially for me! I now consider it the Bible of Weight Loss…brilliant.
- Catherine Breen – Burlingame, CA

"OK, for those guys who might think a book titled The Body Love Manual is not macho enough, get over it. Wrap your copy in an old issue of Sports Illustrated or Old Skool Rods. This book will give you the insight to become physically who you know you are. Read it. Then toss the boxes full of diet crap out the window. I wish I had read this book 30 years ago. That being said, the next 30 will be much better thanks to Lily Hills and The Body Love Manual."
- Rich Neumann CFO/Author – Marin, CA

This is the best book I have read on weight loss and body image. Lily knows from which she speaks, and I thought as I read it, "She gets it!" She has discovered a loving way to deal with the issue, which is both simple and transformative. She also speaks to you as your body, to give you a prospective on what you are doing to yourself. We all know "diets don't work", and this is not another diet book. I intend to follow the guidance in the book.
- Kathy Omerpoy – Monterey, CA

I'm increasingly appreciative of how the author has covered so much, in such a sincere, grounded, simple and practical way. The knowledge and practicality of what she presents here obviously comes from a lifetime of first-hand experience--which, incidentally, she shares as she takes us through the program. Her stories of self-disclosure are as instructive as they are entertaining, often humorous. There's nothing clinical or hyperbolic in what she offers here. Just really good stuff that one can integrate permanently into life!
- Hal Zina Bennett - San Francisco, CA

If you are interested in being the best you can be, without judgment, counting calories, denial or dieting, then make The Body Love Manual your roadmap. The only question is: Are You Ready to Take the Journey.
- Solarzar Delaporta – Marina CA

Please don’t head into the New Year without a SOLID PROVEN STRATEGY to get to your healthiest weight and happiest self…nothing ever happens that way.

Take action immediately and get the support you need 

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Even if it’s not this program…choose another one to get you started. Please don’t wait for the tomorrow that never comes.

Have you ever committed 100% to yourself, your health and your weight loss? Have you been playing at 50% instead?

My friend Brendon Burchard, Founder of Experts Academy, always says, Only two things change your life: either something new comes into your life, or something new comes out of you.”

This Master Your Mind Master Your Weight program is the “something new” coming into your life that allows “something new to come out of you.”

It’s time to get serious. Jumping in with bold enthusiasm at 100% is what makes the difference

Today’s the day. Now is your moment. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So don’t wait to get started.

Oh and please don’t forget this bonus….

If you join the program now, you’ll gain access to my personal guidance, absolutely FREE, through the courses program forum.

Even though I designed the 12 Course Program to be INCREDIBLY thorough you might still have individual questions you want answered that are unique to you.

I’ll be in the discussion forum regularly on the membership site for the Master Your Mind-Master Your Weight Course, answering any and all questions for members…including you.

So if you get confused at any point, simply send me a message or post it on the message board and I’ll respond as rapidly as possible.

So just to recap, the bonuses include:

The Binge Transcending Program
A complimentary copy of the award winning Body Love Manual – How to Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want
Access to me (you insert the value here)

I’m also going to spell out my 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE below ONE MORE TIME, outlining all the details, just so you can put your concerns to rest.

100% Money Back GuaranteeFor 30 straight days, from the moment you get instant access to the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Program, you will have every chance and opportunity to review everything.

If for any reason you feel you haven’t gotten massive value for your investment… if you can honestly say my program didn’t help you totally change your relationship with your body and food…and yourself… then ask for a full and complete refund, even up until the last day.

All the risk is on me…as it should be!

I wouldn’t want you to stay with the program it if it wasn’t serving you powerfully. If you weren’t totally transformed by it.

That’s not my purpose in putting it out there.

If you don’t absolutely love it, I’ll give you back every penny.

But, truthfully, I don’t think you will. 

This program incudes everything you need to know about permanent, and pleasurable weight loss and the icing on the cake is that it gives you the support you were lacking, until now that is.

You will know the exact steps, to getting to your natural and ideal weight, without dieting after you review this course …

Invest in the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Program and in yourself, NOW.

Click on the link now…

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Today’s the day…It’s your time…so get started. I’d be privileged to be a part of your journey.

Here’s to your health and happiness….

Lily Hills

Host SparkPeople Radio…13 million Members and Growing

Author of the Award Winning Body Love Manual, How to Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want

Expert Healthy Weight Coach

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This audio program is intended as a guide to understanding natural and non-compulsive eating, not as a medical training.  It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor.  Consult your medical practitioner before beginning this or any new eating management program, especially if you are dealing with an illness of any kind.  As I am not a medical professional, or a doctor, I am making recommendations based upon a set of lifestyle choices and self-awareness practices that have allowed me to overcome a compulsive relationship with food and achieve a healthy and natural weight and I am not offering medical care, advice or treatment of any sort. I disclaim any liability for loss, damage or injuries that may be caused by the content of this program.  If any medical problems appear or persist as a result of the food choices you make, then you should consult with a qualified physician or healthcare professional.